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Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Cody Furguson

Artist Spotlight: Cody Furguson


Furguson uses the male form as a playground for his painterly skills

Readers sometimes comment that we only show the nude male in our portfolios. Mmm, partially true. Maybe take a look at our complete list of Artist Spotlights before you get on that bandwagon. But it is true that we do cover many artists who express their art with the male form. Hopefully there is something interesting going on with the art as well that intrigues the eye and the brain at the same time.

Cody Furguson's art fits into the category of male figurative art with a passionate gay gaze. Cody says: "I believe that the human male form is the greatest, most beautiful and most transformative machine ever made. I'm here to celebrate it at it's best from the mundane to the erotic to the heroic."

And he meets his goal well. But there is much more here. Furguson creates mood and moments with his work -- often quiet ones. His brush work and his masterly sense of color also make this work about much more than a young male torso. He paints the full spectrum of white: Bright whites, cool blue whites, lavender whites, morning whites, and late-afternoon-after-good-sex-whites.

In the tumble of sheets and pillows you can practically smell the human flesh that has warmed them, sweated in them, and dozed of in them. So, yes, much more than a male torso is happening here.

His work is featured on Men on the Net, in The Gay Art Forum, Tom of Finland, Gawker,Gay Business World, WWAR, Lamdba Business, BGay, GayPaintings, QTMagazine, and many other publications, including the 2013 book Capolovoro di Uomo (Masterpiece of Man) a collection of the best gay artists from around the world. (Click on this link to see a selection of these images.)

Check Furguson out at his Web site, and his Facebook page.



Codyfurguson24x36safehavenx633Safe Haven

Codyfurguson36x24summerlightx633Summer Light



Codyfurgusonglasshousesx633Glass Houses


Codyfurguson36x24theothersidex633The Other Side

Codyfurguson24x24rainonmex633Rain On Me


Codyfurguson36x24smokescreenx633Smoke Screen


Codyfurguson36x24diamondintheroughx633Diamond in the Rough

Codyfurguson36x24silentbluex633Silent Blue

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