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The Precarious Plight of Paul Richmond's Pinups

The Precarious Plight of Paul Richmond's Pinups


Richmond's flirty homages to the pinups of the last century get an extra pinch of sass from celebrity appearances.

First of all, it shouldn't matter that Paul Richmond is adorable. And it doesn't, but we needed to get that off our chest. (Go see his YouTube page.)

Richmond's creative output is widely varied, but in this portfolio we concentrate on these happy bits of Americana. The world news has not been so great lately, and knowing that we are entering another election cycle makes us want to drown puppies. But seeing these lighthearted takeoffs on the classic calendar pinups of Art Frahm makes everything seem alright again. And isn't that a great reason for art? To uplift the spirits?

Paul Richmond is an internationally recognized visual artist and activist whose paintings draw inspiration from his own experiences as a young gay man. He graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio in 2002 and came out of the closet shortly thereafter. Since then, his artwork has become a vehicle for exploring and understanding his own journey as well as developing a dialogue with other LGBTQ people.

His career has included exhibitions in galleries throughout the United States as well as publication in numerous art journals and anthologies. He has created over Art_frahmx400_0250 novel cover illustrations. He teaches community art classes for Stonewall Columbus. He has volunteered with the Kaleidoscope Youth Center, encouraging LGBTQ teens to use art as a means of self-exploration and expression. He is a cofounder of the You Will Rise Project, an organization that empowers those who have experienced bullying to speak out creatively through the language, visual, and performing arts.

At right: A classic example of an Art Frahm damsel in panty distress.

Paul shares his life with husband, Dennis Niekro. They were married in a group ceremony with 24 other same-sex couples in front of the U.S. Supreme Court building in June 2013. Together, they are committed to using their artistic talents to raise equality awareness.

Connect with Paul and enjoy his work here on his website, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Tumblr, and on Instagram.

Catch-of-the-dayx633_0Catch of the Day

Stop-shop-and-drop-starring-dale-levitskix633_0Stop Shop and Drop (starring Dale Levitski)

A-fitting-surprisex633_0A Fitting Surprise

Beach-bum-starring-alan-ilaganx633_0Beach Bum (starring Alan Ilagan)

In-hot-pursuit-starring-jesse-archerx633_0In Hot Pursuit (starring Jesse Archer)

Christmas-lightsx633_0Christmas Lights

Blast-from-the-past-starring-darryl-stephensx633_0Blast From the Past (starring Darryl Stephens)

Rear-viewx633_0Rear View

The-bear-tamerx633_0The Bear Tamer

Size-matters-starring-jack-mackenrothx633_0Size Matters (starring Jack Mackenroth)

Flash-of-gold-starring-ari-goldx633_0Flash of Gold (starring Ari Gold)

Say-cheese-cake-starring-mike-ruizx633_0Say Cheese Cake (starring Mike Ruiz)

Rip-off-starring-alec-mapax633_0Rip Off (starring Alec Mapa)

Peeping-perez-starring-perez-hiltonx633_0Peeping Perez (starring Perez Hilton)

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