WATCH: Lesbian Teen's Perfect Parody Of Westboro's Antigay Panic!

WATCH: Lesbian Teen's Perfect Parody Of Westboro's Antigay Panic!

A 16-year-old lesbian in Scotland is taking aim at the notoriously antigay Westboro Baptist Church, after the Topeka, Kansas-based group targeted the fluid sexuality of the lead singer of one of her favorite bands, Panic! At The Disco. 

Back in July Westboro picketed a Panic! show when the rock band played in Kansas City, Mo., then released a "parody" video of one of the band's most popular songs, originally titled "I Write Sins Not Tragedies." Westboro's version of the song was called "You Love Sin What A Tragedy," and, as BuzzFeed notes, it was "unsurprisingly roundly criticized." The band itself turned Westboro's picket into an opportunity to raise funds for LGBT advocacy group the Human Rights Campaign. 

Enter Rebecca Anderson, a 16-year-old Panic! fan living in Edinburgh, Scotland, and, according to her mother, an outspoken activist for LGBT equality. 

"Rebecca, a lesbian, wanted to make a stand for gay rights and invite the world to recognize the hypocrisy and hatred WBC proclaim," her mother told The Gay U.K. 

The teenager's YouTube channel is filled with lovely covers of popular songs and a few original tracks, but this parody, titled "Your Beliefs Are A Lie What A Tragedy" really hits it out of the park. 

In the nearly four-minute video, Anderson brilliantly skewers the hypocritical views of the so-called church, though a disclaimer at the beginning of the video explains that she's not attacking Christianity as a whole, noting that her experience with Christians and with the greater Church has been one of "tolerance and understanding with a willingness to enter into dialogues about difference and diversity within their communities." 

BuzzFeed has a full listing of Anderson's lyrics — impressively fit to the fast-paced track — but you can listen for yourself below.



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