Queer Eye by Canadian Guys

Queer Eye by Canadian Guys

Of all the wonderful things Canada has to offer -- Montreal, universal health care, Anne Murray -- what could be more charming than two cute, witty gay boys offering affectionate advice to those in need? Enter John Simpson and Chris Carter, hosts of Chris & John to the Rescue, a bubbly reality program currently seen on Canada’s Out TV. The two come across as likable if unnervingly upbeat, the types that end every statement with an exclamation point! That relentless and bald-faced optimism may prove to be an asset when positioning themselves as life-changing fairy godmothers. Season 3 sees the boys coming to America, as they descend on the legendary gay resort destination of Provincetown, Mass., working their benevolent magic at this New England seaside getaway.

“Provincetown seemed like a great fit because it’s this picturesque colonial village on Cape Cod with a very heavy gay presence,” says Simpson. “And we love colonial villages in Cape Cod.” Adds Carter, “There are a lot of people in P-Town who were in dire need of our unique services. I honestly think that if we didn’t come to that town and help those people out that things would have gone downhill, fast. I’m talking John Carpenter’s Escape From New York downhill. You’d be surprised about how effective our services can be.”


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