Go Behind The Scenes With From Here on Out 

We spent part of the day by the pool with the cast of "From Here on Out" — set in a highly fictionalized version of Here TV, the network owned by the same parent company as The Advocate. Here we find Junade Khan as Derek and TJ Hoban as Sam Decker, the leading man in the fictional Here TV show "Guy Dubai: International Gay Spy."

Actor Terry Ray plays aging writer-director Jimmy Randall, who pitched "Guy Dubai" to Here TV but now has a big secret to keep if he wants to save his job. Jimmy was supposed to hire an openly gay leading man but casts sexy, talented Sam… who is secretly straight! Now Jimmy and Sam have to convince the network that they are a gay couple. Totally plausible, right?

The show's first episode is aptly titled, "From Here on OUT: Nudity Required!" We found a few reasons for that while behind the scenes, including Jesse Pepe, of YouTube fame for "I'm Not Gay" and more. By the way, fans of House Hunters might not recognize her here, but that's Suzanne Whang as Divina seated next to Adrian Gonzalez, who plays Rico.

Here we find the Emmy-winning Juliet Mills as Dottie (more on Mills), who takes some extra convincing about this supposed relationship.

The 18-year-old network head Taylor (played by Austin Robert Miller) has big ambitions and a minuscule budget. Will he find out their secret? The show is available now on Here TV’s YouTube premium channel and will make its broadcast premiere March 28, exclusively on Here TV.


Wait, what's that? Did you say the entire first two episodes can be watched for free now on HereTV.com?!


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