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WATCH: The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Calls Texas ‘Super Gay for Guns’

WATCH: The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Calls Texas ‘Super Gay for Guns’

Comedy Central

Trevor Noah calls the Lone Star State out of the closet, saying its artillery affair is no secret.

The Daily Showkicked off 2016 with a bang, a Texas-sized shoot 'em up aimed directly at a new open carry gun law in the Lone Star State.

Trevor Noah compared the desire of gun owners to be "open" about their gun ownership to the struggle for acceptance by LGBT folks.

"Gun lovers in Texas just want to stop hiding who they really are," said Noah, introducing clips of gun owners talking about wanting to be "open" about carrying a gun. "No big deal," one said.

"This is insane, they're just running around, like, 'Yahoo, now I'm going to bring my gun everywhere. Let's go shopping and (to) the laundromat, and hey -- I'm late for my shift at the coffee shop.' This is almost a little bit like when gay people first realized that society was starting to accept that people might be openly gay, and they immediately went out and started dancing on truck beds dressed as giant penises," Noah said. "Which, on the one hand, is great. I mean, you be you. But at a certain point, we get it: You love giant penises."

Watch the clip from Comedy Central below.

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