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Samantha Bee Eviscerates 'Potty Prefect' Pat McCrory

Samantha Bee Eviscerates 'Potty Prefect' Pat McCrory

Samantha Bee at left; North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory
Samantha Bee at left; North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory

The feminist funny lady launched a Full Frontal assault on North Carolina's new law that bars trans people from using the public bathrooms that match their gender identity. 

Samantha Bee ripped into North Carolina's transphobic law known as House Bill 2 on Monday's episode of her snarky news and politics show on TBS, Full Frontal.

Before digging into the electoral history that turned North Carolina into a red state for the first time in more than 100 years, Bee had some strong words for Gov. Pat McCrory. The governor is steadfastly defending the sweeping anti-LGBT law, even in the wake of multiple federal lawsuits -- including a civil rights complaint from the U.S. Department of Justice that could cost the state billions in federal funding.

The law addressed the state's "urgent problem of LGBT people not being discriminated against enough," explained Bee, before running a clip of McCrory reciting his oft-repeated claim that the law "protects the privacy" of women and children.

"Good job, you middle-aged potty prefect," Bee told the North Carolina Republican. "Thanks to you, North Carolina citizens can now expect lots of privacy!"

After rattling off a list of musicians, businesses, and states and cities that are boycotting North Carolina in the wake of HB 2, Bee dropped the hammer:

"I should add, until North Carolina lets trans people urinate in peace, I will not be bringing my 10-hour concert of 'Bee-yonce covers to Raleigh," Bee explained. "I ain't sorry. When you hurt me, you hurt yourself."

While Bee acknowledged that boycotts are a powerful tool, she had a pointed suggestion about an even more powerful tool: "Not electing a bunch of transphobic numb-nuts who are going to wreck the state economy to catch a nonexistent predator."

In her signature style of biting satire that barely conceals contempt, Bee then offered viewers a history lesson about how North Carolina's legislature became overrun with wingnuts. Here's a hint: It all started with the 2010 elections, which "moderates and liberals slept through," said Bee.

Get schooled by Bee below:

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