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Trumpy Bear Is the Butch Plush Toy Having a Moment Thanks to Fox News

Trumpy Bear Is the Butch Plush Toy Having a Moment Thanks to Fox News

Twitter has been eviscerating the toy grizzly with the Donald Trump hairdo and the oversized tie since Fox and Friends aired an ad early Monday.  

For two payments of $19.95, you can own your very own Trumpy Bear, a grizzly bear toy that bears Donald Trump's elegant coiffure and oversized red tie (there's been no confirmation on whether or not the tie is held down with tape). Peddled as a kind of butch toy for the adult stuffed animal-owning set, Trumpy Bear has been around since at least April of this year. But he's having a moment and trending on Twitter thanks to Fox News's Fox and Friends airing the completely unironic ad during its broadcast Monday.

"The wind whispered through the forest, 'a storm is coming. You can not defeat the storm,'" begins the Trumpy Bear ad. "From the trees rose a resounding voice, 'I fear nothing. I come when the trumpet sounds. I am the storm -- the great American grizzly."

The stuffed animal comes replete with an American flag "blanket" that unceremoniously stuffs into the top of Trumpy Bear's posterior, which, by the way, completely flies in the face of flag-folding rules.

The stuffed animal is billed in the ad as "the fearless, super-plush American grizzly," thus likely making it the first time "super-plush" and "fearless" have been used in the same breath.

Trumpy Bear's ad is peppered with hilarious testimonials from housewives, veterans, businessmen, and other adults who are into plush toys. But the ad's most fabulously campy line occurs when Trumpy Bear is perched at the front of a motorcycle driven by a burly man.

"Trumpy Bear loves to sit at the front of the motorcycle for all the world to see. And loves to cruise with his brother," proclaims the voice-of-God narration in a booming baritone.

Twitter has had a field day since Fox News began airing ads for Trumpy Bear, an actual product that you too can own for just shy of 40 smackers. It's also the perfect Christmas gift for anyone looking to replace the clown doll as the most frightening of possible holiday toys. But for those of you looking to buy American, Trumpy Bear is not for you. The label reveals that he's made in China.

Here are some of Twitter's best rejoinders to the Trumpy Bear ad.


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