A Cut SNL Skit Highlights the Needs of Goth Girls, Gay Boys

A Cut SNL Skit Highlights the Needs of Goth Girls, Gay Boys

A suprisingly strong Saturday Night Live skit was cut for time from this weekend's episode, but it's now making its rounds on social media. Titled “My Little Step Children,” the mock-commercial centers on a woman (Natalie Portman) who opts to buy her daughter a stepdaughter doll, making the little girl the wicked stepmother.

“Some kid’s gut instict is to go dark — why not embrace it?” the voiceover says as the daughter and doll sit in a dimly lit room by the fire. Later, Portman’s character says, “The first time I bought Lisa a doll, she said she felt no real connection to it, like there was a sheet of glass between her and the doll. With ‘My Little Step Children, she no longer feels forced to change that.”

Towards the end of the two-minute sketch, a little boy appears while the voiceover explains, “both girls and boys can menacingly reveal their big, gorgeous engagement ring to their stepchilden.” The boy taunts the doll, saying, “I won. I got your daddy wrapped around my finger!”

Many found the sketch hysterical and inclusive, wondering why it did not make it to air. Julio Torres, the writer of the sketch, revealed there was no hard feelings behind the pseudo-ad not making the cut.

“My Little Step Children was incinerated for time, but their spirits live on in the Internet,” he tweeted on Monday.

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