SNL's Kate McKinnon Impersonates Lindsey Graham With Gay Jokes

Kate McKinnon

Kate McKinnon impersonated Sen. Lindsey Graham — and in doing so, included jokes that referenced longstanding rumors about his sexual orientation.

McKinnon, who is a lesbian, mocked the Republican's outrage during the testimony of Brett Kavanaugh, who defended himself Thursday against an allegation of sexual assault from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

The hearing was the subject of the premiere of this week's Saturday Night Live, in which Matt Damon portrayed the controversial Supreme Court candidate. Graham was one of his questioners.

"I know I'm supposed to shut up, because I'm a single white male, 5'10, uncut," said McKinnon, in drag as Graham, in a reference to how gay men will describe themselves on dating apps like Grindr.

McKinnon as Graham then compared Kavanaugh to Bill Cosby, who was sentenced this week for sexual assault. "Please stop saying Bill Cosby," pleaded Damon as Kavanaugh.

With dramatic finger pointing and jowls trembling, McKinnon as Graham also demanded that Kavanaugh be confirmed to the Supreme Court "now," before commenting on the theatrics of the performance.

"This right now is my audition for Mr. Trump's cabinet — and also for a regional production of The Crucible. And let me tell you, queen, I was good," said McKinnon as Graham, who then struck a dramatic pose.

Graham has made headlines for his impassioned defense of Kavanaugh and his unwillingness to believe the female accusers. In a tweet, he characterized their claims as part of a "character assassination."

The South Carolina lawmaker (who has a lengthy anti-LGBTQ record) told a reporter in 2010 “I ain’t gay!” when asked about his sexuality — yet his lifelong bachelorhood has been the subject of speculation for many years.

Watch McKinnon's impersonation below at around 10:00.

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