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Randy Rainbow Skewers Trump's God Complex in 'Cheeto-Christ Stupid-Czar'

Randy Rainbow Skewers Trump's God Complex in 'Cheeto-Christ Stupid-Czar'

Randy Rainbow

Rainbow takes on Trump's latest meltdowns in an epic medley of songs from Jesus Christ Superstar. 

Political satirist and lover of show tunes Randy Rainbow is back with an opus that skewers Donald Trump's recent assertions that he's the "chosen one" to a medley of songs from Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice's rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar.

Rainbow kicks it off with a faux interview of Trump.

"I am joined now by the diving Miss T, our lord and savior, king of the Jews," Rainbow says. "Donald Trump, you have had a busy few days -- G7 meetings, ongoing trade wars with China, bedbugs."

"You also sent out a controversial tweet saying that you are the king of Israel and told a group of reporters that you are the chosen one."

Then Rainbow kicks off his medley to the tune of "King Herod's Song."

"Mr. Not-My-President, you're acting quite bizarre. Acting like a loon behind your Twitter avatar," Rainbow sings. "Of all your recent antics, this latest one's a pearl. Now it seems you think you're God. OK -- whatever, gurl."

"You say you're the chosen one and I know what you mean -- chosen by the Kremlin in 2016," he continues. "When will this maniacal Messiah complex pass? I hereby order you to get your head out of your ass. Just keep selling us lies and attacking allies. Go on, you king of fake news."

Next up, Rainbow dons Mary Magdalene drag to rip Trump to the tune of "Everything's Alright."

"You're making no sense, bitch, why are you still talking? It's making me nauseous," Rainbow's Magdalene sings.

Finally, he leans into Trump to the hit song "Superstar" referring to him as "Cheeto-Christ, stupid-czar, mad tangerine-colored commissar."

Watch the parody below.

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