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Republican Cover-Up: We Must Speak Up Now


Call, email, or text the 53 Republican senators and demand a legitimate trial of Donald Trump.

This will be the shortest column I've written because time is not on our side.

We witnessed a crushing travesty in the first day of the impeachment hearing when the United States Senate, led by a malicious, manipulative master of democratic destruction, Mitch McConnell, with his 53 spineless, selfish sycophants as accomplices made their first attempt to destroy liberty and justice for all.

In procedural votes, they denied subpoenas for crucial documents from the White House, State Department, and Office of Management and Budget and witness like White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney. This, despite insurmountable, overwhelming evidence that the documents would further substantiate the charges laid out against Donald Trump by the House of Representatives. It's a trial where witnesses and documents are crucial to support an acquittal or conviction.

If you were put on trial, would you want all of your evidence blocked that would support your innocence? Think about it. You have witnesses, phone records, DNA evidence, text messages, video that prove you didn't do the crime, but you're not allowed to present it. Is that justice?

Trump's defense team is hapless. They made no arguments against the evidence and the need for further evidence. No arguments against any of it. Think about that? They just continued to harp on the process of the inquiry in the House. One of Trump's attorneys, Pat Cipollone, actually lied on the Senate floor -- in a trial, as a lawyer -- when he said that Republicans were shut out of the closed-door hearings in the House. Those hearings included the entire Intelligence Committee, including Republicans who asked questions. In a society that spouts its rigid support of justice, he would be disbarred.

And Republicans just sat there and ignored the House managers who provided imperative reasons why documents must be provided. Republicans did nothing but acquiesce to a cover-up. Did they forget they are one party in a republic? Do they have any sliver of a conscience? Do they have any sense of commonsense? Any decorum of decency? An juices of justice? Are they out to demean democracy? Or crumble the constitution? Or hit hard at our history? How can they ignore the truth? How can they be so utterly gutless, cowardly and downright pathetic? Are they that obtuse? Or are they just a bunch of suck-ups and bootlickers who have entangled themselves with a criminal -- well two, Trump and McConnell? Are we watching a democratically elected Senate or a communist politburo?

Next week, unless they criminally pull it, the Senate will vote again for documents and witness. They have another chance to get this right.

We must speak up and act now. We must rise up and have our voices heard. Below is a link to contact information to the Senate. Find the Republicans, click on them all, and then email, text -- show up at their local offices, do whatever you must. But do something -- share this column, but for God's sake and for the sake for the sake of our country, don't sit on the sidelines while Republicans flout, flounder and finish us.

Reach out here.

JohnCasey is a PR professional and an adjunct professor at Wagner College in New York City, and a frequent columnist for The Advocate. Follow John on Twitter @johntcaseyjr.

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