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We Must Punish, Suspend, and Expel Trump the Bathroom Bully

Donald Trump

Joe Biden should not participate in any more debates with Donald Trump.

Perhaps there is no one with more wisdom and foresight in American politics today than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She has been repeatedly suggesting that Joe Biden not debate Donald Trump. My guess is she was shaking her head last night, repeating over and over again, "I told you so!"

Trump is a child and a bully, and one of the old tricks of sinister bullies is to stick the head of an unwilling victim into a toilet and flush it. That's what Trump tried to do last night to Biden. And, when a child gets bullied by such an incident at school, the first thing that happens -- or should happen -- is that the bully gets punished, suspended, or expelled. Every attempt is made to keep the victim away from the bully.

Donald Trump is that demented child and that serial bully. What we witnessed last night was just the latest example of his atrocious behavior, once deemed "locker room" by him, now relegated to the bathroom. We have seen over and over and over and over again -- I can keep doing this --what happens when you get swept into Trump's clogged toilet. Pundits say he gets "down in the mud." The mud is clean compared to how far down and at how disgusting a level Trump dwells.

Virtually every single person who gets slopped into the grime of Trump's metaphorical excrement, urine, and shredded toilet paper comes out like a plumber who attempts to deal with and clear the miserable mess. You end up with feces and stench all over you, and it's almost impossible to clean off the stains left by Trump's potty mouth.

From multiple chiefs of staff to national security advisers to press secretaries to cabinet secretaries to coronavirus virus task force members, everyone who gets plopped into Trump's commode and tries to swim in that muck ends up leaving, sullied like the plumber and with a stench that never goes away. Trump is more corrosive than the vilest of bathroom messes you have ever encountered.

Think this is too gross? It's hardly as nauseating as what we've seen from him for the last five years and what we saw last night. It was vomit inducing, but we're used to getting sick to our stomachs with Trump. Go watch the debate again. Go scroll his Twitter feed. Go listen to his conversations with Bob Woodward. Go read the books by Mary Trump, John Bolton, James Comey, Peter Strzok, Michael Cohen, Andrew Weissmann, Michael Schmidt, Woodward (both books), Phil Rucker ... there are too many to count. And let me be blunt. Take time to do all this while you're taking the opportunity to defecate, because that's the most fitting situation to consider Trump.

So, reiterating the speaker's suggestion and turning it into a plea, please, Joe, no more debates. None. No more interaction with Trump. None. No responding to his wild voter claims, racist comments, lies about the virus, steam winders about fake news, hoaxes, losers, suckers, dummies, and all other forms of bile that only befit the stall of the nearest restroom where he lurks. Get away now, Joe, while you can. Remove yourself above all the untidiness. We need you to be shiny and clean when you take the oath of office on January 20, 2021.

What happened to Biden last night was corrosive. While he did his best to try to push through answers while Trump barked, hollered, yelled, and fussed, Biden still got stained by that 90-minute brush-up against Trump. Every pundit and historian has said that last night's debate was the worst in presidential history, so when future historians write about what happened last night, Joe Biden's name will always be associated with the "worst." That he was in the worst presidential debate in history with the worst president in history.

And the world is laughing at us because of Trump's school bathroom behavior. Biden was revered around the world during his tenure as vice president and his time on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He needs to run from the unpresidential Trump and elevate himself back to a respected world leader.

Joe Biden is far, far better than to be blemished by this muddied plunger. Every time Trump pushed his rubber nozzle through all his soiling and through Biden's attempts to speak, Trump ended up splashing Biden with dung. We know that Trump will continue to evacuate on Biden if he engages him again. So why take the risk, Joe? We've seen enough. We know who Trump is. There is no way to avoid being splattered. Joe, you have time to wipe it all off and walk away unblemished.

Leave Trump to soil himself in his own bathroom, Joe, and be the decent, clean, respectable man you are and walk away. And stay far away from Trump until November 3, when the American people, with one massive flush, put this slime in the sewer where he belongs -- preferably a swampy sewer beneath a prison.

Only Donald Trump needs another debate, and we don't need to see that ugliness again. Joe Biden likes to talk about kitchen table issues. So, Joe, meet us in our kitchens and get back to talking to us, about us, and for us. Stop talking at, around, and through Trump. We don't want you having anything to do with that bathroom bully.

We, the American people, want him suspended from any more debates with you, and we will punish him by ignoring all his hate, vileness. and insidiousness. And on November 3 we will expel him for good!

And our advice to you, Joe, is run while you can, so you can run clean. For God's sake, please get away, Joe, while you still have your dignity.

John Casey is a PR professional and an adjunct professor at Wagner College in New York City, and an editor at large for The Advocate. Follow John on Twitter @johntcaseyjr.

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