Police: Homeless Man Killed Over Gay Advance

Police: Homeless Man Killed Over Gay Advance

A Connecticut man is accused of murdering a disabled homeless veteran over a perceived sexual advance.

The Republican-American reports that 39-year-old Joed Olivera was beaten, stabbed, possibly thrown through a hole in the ceiling, and left on pile of junk in an empty factory in Waterbury.

Police say Matthew O'Brien-Veader, 23, killed the father of two because he believed Olivera had made a sexual advance toward him. At the time of the murder, both men were living in the abandoned factory.

According to the story, a friend of the suspect testified Tuesday that O'Brien-Veader didn't like gay people and once stated that “they should be dropped on an island.”

O'Brien-Veader faces life in prison if convicted.

Read the full story here.

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