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Atlanta Woman Charged With Murder of Domestic Partner

Atlanta Woman Charged With Murder of Domestic Partner
Atlanta police have arrested the domestic partner of a woman shot and killed last week, and charged her with murder. 
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Ashley Belle, 22, was shot and killed around 3 p.m. on January 26 in a Southeast Atlanta apartment that she shared with Laura Bozeman.
Jail records obtained by The Advocate show Bozeman, also 22, is 170 pounds and 5’2”.
“The preliminary on scene investigation revealed that the victim and perpetrator are domestic partners and that they had been in verbal and physical altercations for the past two days,” Atlanta police spokesperson Kim Jones said in a statement sent to the local news media.
“The crime scene was consistent with a physical altercation having occurred there,” the statement continued. According to Jones, detectives questioned Bozeman, “and she provided incriminating statements as to her involvement in the shooting death of the victim. Laura Bozeman was charged in connection with this murder and taken to the Fulton County Jail.”
Police also found a weapon at the scene. There’s no word on what sparked the arguments between Belle and Bozeman. 
WSB-TV reports that Belle’s murder was the first of any resident in the Auburn Glenn apartment complex in Southeast Atlanta.
Friends of the victim had posted their expressions of sympathy, shock, and disbelief on Ashley Belle’s Facebook page, according to Georgia Voice. They have also set up a GoFundMe account to help offset the cost of her burial. 
Photo Source: Facebook
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