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WATCH: Rachel Maddow Asks, Can We Call Donald Trump ‘Fascist'?

WATCH: Rachel Maddow Asks, Can We Call Donald Trump ‘Fascist'?


The MSNBC talk show host discusses the parallels of Donald Trump and other extreme right wingers throughout history.

Is it fair to call presidential candidate Donald Trump a fascist? That's the question MSNBC host Rachel Maddow asked during a segment on her show Tuesday night, amid all of the controversy surrounding the businessman-turned-politician's proposed plan to bar Muslims from entry into the United States.

In a span of nearly 20 minutes, Maddow took viewers on a brief history lesson of modern fascism, starting from World War II-era figures, particularly British Union of Fascists founder Oswald Mosley, and building up to more recent political names, like France's extreme right-wing National Front party founder Jean-Marie Le Pen and his daughter Marine Le Pen.

Maddow's history lesson culminated in a critique of Trump and how many of the political notions the Republican contender is pushing right now are parallel to fascist ideals.

"This fascism allegation, this is not coming from the left," she said, pointing out that many conservatives are also labeling Trump a fascist. "It's coming from the right. It's coming from inside the Republican Party and from mainstream conservative thought."

Watch the segment from The Rachel Maddow Show below.

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