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Andrea Bocelli Out as Inauguration Performer After Boycott Threats


It's back to the drawing board for the Trump inauguration team after its one high-profile entertainer backed out following an angry online response.

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Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli was supposed to join reality competitor Jackie Evancho as a performer for the January 20 inauguration of Donald Trump. Social media exploded in fury at the suggestion that the esteemed Bocelli — a friend of Trump's — would be publicly associated with the unpopular president-elect. 

Bocelli eventually dropped out of the performance, according to Page Six. An unnamed source confirmed that the negative reaction convinced Bocelli to back out, but another source said Trump encouraged his friend to pass on the performance.

In the past, Trump's team said Elton John would sing at his swearing-in. That claim was about as truthful as most things that come from our future president. 

And just a reminder, the biggest musical star on the planet sang the national anthem for Barack Obama's second inauguration.

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