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Former 'Ex-Gay' Leader Comes Out

Former 'Ex-Gay' Leader Comes Out

Randy Thomas, a former activist with the now-defunct “ex-gay” group Exodus International, has come out as “gay with some level of bisexual tendencies” in a post on his blog.

In the post, published today and titled “A Peaceful Disclosure,” Thomas writes, “The truth is, that my primary sexual attraction is toward men. It is also true that to date the love of my life has been a woman. I was attracted to her in every way. Many people won’t believe me but what I just shared is true. … My relational history has shown that I can indeed have attractions to either gender if the emotional attachment is there.”

He says he has been asked in social settings if he was gay and answered that he was bisexual with a propensity toward men. “As I was thinking through and writing this post it became clear that it is most accurate to say that I am gay with a bisexual propensity that I can’t adequately describe,” he says.

Thomas, who worked for Exodus from 2002 to 2013, wrote a post in 2013 apologizing to gay people for his antigay activism and then in 2014 posted a piece endorsing marriage equality. In his post today, he says he realizes he’s facing a skeptical audience.

“I am not sure many will accept my apologies or this disclosure,” he writes. “I would definitely understand some people’s reluctance given my history. That said, while I care about what others think, I am doing this because I feel it is the right thing to do.

“I am gay. I am ok with who I am. I hope we can continue to journey together.”

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