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15 Tweets About the Horribly Antigay World Congress of Families Conference


The World Congress of Families is in the midst of its annual conference, which takes places every year in a different nation. The 2015 gathering is in the U.S., Salt Lake City to be exact. What is being discussed? There is no shortage of talk on how marriage equality and abortion rights will tear the world asunder, with thousands strategizing on how to roll back equality.

So, what is the WCF? This is how the Human Rights Campaign describes it:

"The World Congress of Families (WCF) is one of the most influential American organizations involved in the export of hate. Since 1997, WCF has held conferences and events around the world that foster homophobia and transphobia under the guise of protecting the 'natural family.' It is connected to some mainstream conservative organizations and to the very highest levels of government in the countries where it operates.

Active across five continents, WCF’s activities range from holding conferences in Nigeria focused on denying rights to LGBT people to working to silence the Russian LGBT community."

Many LGBT activists here are furious the WCF is holding its conference in the U.S. (or anywhere) and that Utah Gov. Gary Herbert has welcomed the event to his state. Read the tweets below to see why.


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