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Claire Foy's Girl in the Spider's Web

Claire Foy's Lisbeth Salander Has a Woman in Her Spider's Web

Bisexual hacker Lisbeth is more interested in work than the beautiful woman (Andreja Pejić) in her bed in an exclusive from The Girl in the Spider's Web. 

Emmy winner for The Crown, Claire Foy, is the third actress to step into bisexual hacker Lisbeth Salander's leather jacket, boots, and signature dragon tattoo. In a scene from Fede Alvarez's highly anticipated The Girl in the Spider's Web, based on the novel from David Lagercrantz that followed original author Stieg Larsson's untimely death, Lisbeth blows off Sofia, the beautiful woman in her bed (played by trans model and actress Andreja Pejic) in favor of working on the latest mystery at hand. The Girl in the Spider's Web is in theaters on November 9.

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