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PHOTOS: 5 Ways Fitness Doesn't Have to Be a Drag

Wimberly 5

5. Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Yes, big muscles are amazing. We all love to have them and touch them. Let’s be real for a minute, though — it’s hard work to keep all that up. And quite frankly, it’s just not sustainable on many levels. While weight lifting is essential to keep you and your bones strong, overdeveloped muscles can be problematic as we age. Not to mention, a leaner silhouette appears more youthful. Model, dancer, and friend Steven Dehler has the body of a Greek god. When he came to me after casting with major agencies, which gave him some feedback that he was too bulky, it seemed crazy that we would suggest tampering with perfection. After leaning out and dropping about 10 pounds by training less and adding more cardio, the result was an even more chiseled physique. And oddly enough, he achieved the ability to look even bigger in photos, since the muscles were more defined.


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