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9 Gay Couples That Imploded In Epic Fashion

Martina Navratilova 0
Martina Navratilova & Judy Nelson/Toni Layton
This woman of Wimbledon plays hard and loves hard. Navratilova met Judy Nelson, a married mother of two, in 1982. They become friends, fell in love, and Nelson divorced her husband and moved in with the tennis star. After seven years together, they split, with Nelson dropping a multi-million dollar "galimony" lawsuit on Navratilova. Even though a compromise was reached, the two didn't speak for 17 years. Navratilova faced another contentious break-up decades later. After her relationship with Toni Layton went bust, Navratilova was served with another lawsuit. Layton said she was abruptly dumped and wanted spousal support. "The bitter legal battle" eventually ended with a $3 million settlement for Layton.

Boy George Jon Moss 0
Boy George & Jon Moss

The vocalist (George) and drummer (Moss) of Culture Club, the hit-making British pop band, were involved romantically during the group's '80s heyday. George has spoken often about the turbulent relationship, which involved physical and verbal abuse, and caused internal strife within the band. After four years, it was over. Moss, now a dad to three kids, had planned to reunite with George and his fellow bandmembers for a 2014 tour, but it was canceled when a polyp was discovered in George's throat.


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