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UAE denies
forcing hormone treatment on gays

UAE denies
forcing hormone treatment on gays

United Arab Emirates officials deny that gay men arrested at a same-sex wedding were subjected to hormone treatments.

Officials for the United Arab Emirates denied Wednesday that they would force a group of gay men arrested during a same-sex wedding ceremony to take hormone therapy, Agence France-Presse reports. "There will be no forced hormone treatment," an interior ministry official told the French wire service. He did, however, say the therapy was optional. Twenty-six men were arrested a week ago when police raided a same-sex wedding in a hotel in a desert resort town. Police say the men were wearing wedding attire, including wedding gowns, when they were arrested, according to the wire service. They face flogging and up to five years in jail if convicted of homosexuality. After the arrests a police official had told reporters that the courts could order hormone treatment if the men are convicted. But the interior ministry said the treatment would be optional, according to the wire service. "The judiciary as an independent authority is the only entity that has the right to issue the appropriate ruling in this case," said a ministry official who spoke on a condition of anonymity. The U.S. State Department has condemned the arrests. (

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