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Meet Our New Parenting Writer, Frank Lowe

Meet Our New Parenting Writer, Frank Lowe

Some of you know me as @GayAtHomeDad, my Twitter moniker that’s attracted a crazy following with my completely inappropriate humor. My full name is Francesco J. Lowe, but you can call me Frank. I’m a thirty-something gay parent of a beautiful 4-year old boy who joined our family through adoption. I consider myself a “Stepford Gay,” living in rural Connecticut (charming yet boring as hell,) and am legally married to my partner of more than 16 years.

I started tweeting in June 2012 and am elated by the success I’ve had, especially considering that I simply make fun of everything. In the beginning, I was very self-deprecating for a specific reason; I wanted to personify the stereotype of a gay dad. Tweets such as “When my kid scrapes his knee, he gets a Prada Band-aid,” and “I’m not about to use that shitty tears-free shampoo on my son’s gorgeous hair — he can cry,” were the norm. I did that to mock the haters that actually believed those things were true. It was very deep.

Then I got scared that people were taking me seriously. I broadened my scope and started roasting any and everybody in pop culture. That was a hit — I had found my niche. I used to be a bitchy gay guy, now I’m a bitchy gay dad.

Now I’m expanding into writing, which is something I’ve always wanted to do. The Advocate approached me about heading up the parenting section, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I want to fill it with stories and interesting finds and interviews and answering Twitter questions from readers each week. I plan on opening up the mysterious door that is gay parenting. In a nutshell, it’s no different than straight parenting — we just do it with a little more flair. I am always open to praise and criticism, so feel free to write me and tell me how you feel. 

Follow Frank Lowe at @GayAtHomeDad.

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