Drag Race Judge Lucian Piane Sinks Low in Epic Twitter Meltdown


Not all LGBT people are supporting Hillary Clinton for president, and music producer and occasional RuPaul's Drag Race judge Lucian Piane is certainly not a fan.

But when the self-described "BernieorBust"-er called Michelle Obama an "idiot" Thursday and started tweeting conspiracy theories about the Clintons murdering people, things quickly spiraled out of control.

Piane then redirected his ire to LGBT celebrities, like blogger Perez Hilton, journalist Anderson Cooper, directors Bryan Singer and Adam Shankman, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, and celebrated composer Marc Shaiman. Piane spread wild rumors about the sex lives of queer notables, even saying he was involved with some of them. He also attacked gay noncelebrities who work in Hollywood, even saying one has AIDS. 

Piane, who helps produce some Drag Race musical numbers, even took a swipe at RuPaul. Read below. Developing...

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