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Pete & Chasten Buttigieg Reveal It's Their Kids' First Day at Day Care

Buttigieg family

The secretary of Transportation shared the news at a trucking industry event at the White House.


New parents U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his husband, Chasten, revealed that today is the first time their twins went to day care.

At a trucking industry event at the White House with President Joe Biden on Monday, Pete Buttigieg thanked the essential workers who helped deliver baby supplies to his family.

"I have to share: This is a big day in my own household because it was our first time taking our kids to day care," he said.

He then moved on to discussing a new Trucking Action Plan by the Biden Administration.

"And as I was getting ready for that," he told those in attendance, referring to taking his kids to day care. "I kept looking around at all of the physical items that surrounded us and thought about how they got here."

"The bottles, the little jars of baby food, the spoons we were using to feed them, the high chairs that they were sitting in, even the family minivan itself, got to us because truck drivers brought them where they needed to be," the Transportation secretary said.

"And that's true for everything we count on -- groceries, books, livestock, medicine," Buttigieg said. "If you enjoyed the food you ate for breakfast, the clothes you're wearing right now, or the device you might be using to watch this event -- you can thank a truck driver for getting that to you."

Later in the day, Chasten Buttigieg tweeted a video of Pete speaking. He wrote, 'If anyone saw me walking around Target looking a little confused and sad earlier today now you know."

He added, "When our kids were born early they were just four pounds. I could rest both of them on my chest while cradling them with one hand. Now they're sitting and scooting and babbling precious monologues on the way to daycare. Slow down!"

Last October, Pete Buttigieg had to defend his decision to take paternity leave after being targeted as the person to blame for the supply chain crisis. He was especially blamed by Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson. The Fox host even made homophobic comments about Buttigieg being home "trying to figure out how to breastfeed."

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