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Sen. Chuck Schumer's Daughter Weds Woman in New York City

Schumer and daughter

Alison Schumer, 29, the youngest of Sen. Chuck Schumer’s two daughters, wed her fiance Elizabeth Weiland, 33, on Sunday night in Brooklyn, NY. The brides posed for wedding photos along the Union Street Bridge, which overlooks the Gowanus Canal.

Photos of the two were taken in the morning and the bridge made a perfect rustic backdrop as it's become a popular photo site in New York City over the years, according to the New York Post. Later, the party headed across the street for the ceremony — a seemingly small one consisting of close family and friends.

Schumer is a Facebook product marketing manager, a company which remains a huge donator to her father, having given him about $50,000, and Chuck Schumer continues to be a huge supporter of the social media giant.

Weiland is currently pursuing an MBA at Columbia Business School and works in the MTA’s strategic initiative office. The brides are current residents of New York City.

Chuck Schumer attended his daughter’s nuptials wearing a green yarmulke that matched his daughter's shoes. The NYPD closed the street upon his arrival, according to the Post


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