Tracking the 2008

Tracking the 2008

The Advocate has reported live from Iowa, New
Hampshire, South Carolina, L.A. and more in the course
of what has become one of the most historic elections
of the last century. Explore our Election 2008 blog for the
latest, or peruse our archive of stories below and get
yourself up to speed on everything gay in this

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Estimated Number of Gay,
Lesbian and Bisexual Adults for States Participating in 2008

with primaries on February 5

States with primaries on other
Source: "Same-sex Couples and
the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Population: New Estimates
from the American Community Survey," The
Williams Insitute

Total GLB population for
Super Tuesday states: 4,461,952 (Based on Figures from 2005
American Community Survey)

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L.A. DEBATE BLOG - by Rachel
Dowd & Michelle Garcia
The Advocate takes you inside L.A.'s Kodak Theatre,
where Democratic contenders Hillary Clinton and Barack
Obama face off in the last debate before Tsunami

GAY ELECTION - by Kerry Eleveld
Clinton, Edwards, and Obama all reached out to the
community in different ways, leaving gay activists to
choose which candidate's approach will produce results
for LGBT equality.

SEXUALITY - by Kerry Eleveld
Blogging from Charleston to Myrtle Beach, The
explores the relationship between the
LGBT and black communities, the McClurkin effect on voters,
and the momentum of the Democratic candidates.

by Rachel Dowd
Dennis Kucinich is the politician we've been asking
for. So why aren't gays supporting him for president?

IOWA CAUCUS BLOG - by Kerry EleveldSharon Malheiro Iowa Caucus | Meet Sharon Malheiro, an Obama supporter and the first of five LGBT
Iowans we are getting to know as we follow them
through the Iowa caucus on January 3, the first step in the
nominating process on the road to the White House.


Jeff Westendorf Iowa Caucus | Advocate.comJeff Westendorf is president of the Log Cabin Republican chapter in
Iowa and a Giuliani supporter. Westendorf is the second of
five LGBT Iowans The Advocate will follow
through the Iowa caucus on January 3, the official
kickoff of the 2008 presidential campaign.

Rachel Caulfiled Iowa Caucus | Caucusing 101: Drake University professor Rachel
Paine Caufield
gives The Advocate the lowdown on
caucusing in Iowa, how unpredictable it is, and why it
matters to have an LGBT presence.

Susan Webster Iowa Caucus | Advocate.comSusan
is a Clinton supporter and the third of five
LGBT Iowans we are getting to know as we follow them
through the Iowa caucus on January 3, the first of
many steps in the process of nominating candidates
for the office of president.

RJ Droll Iowa Caucus | Meet R.J. Droll,
a Biden supporter and the LGBT caucuser whom we will
follow live tonight as he navigates his way through an
Iowa caucus for the very first time.


Lamar Lapp Iowa Caucus | Lamar Lapp
is a Republican who hasn’t totally fallen for any of
his candidates so far. He is the fourth of five LGBT
Iowans whom we are following through the Iowa caucuses
on January 3, the first contest in the nominating

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