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Va. Dems Launch Posters 'Going Down' on Ken Cuccinelli

Va. Dems Launch Posters 'Going Down' on Ken Cuccinelli


The Democratic Party of Virginia has released a series of sexually suggestive campaign posters targeting Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli's fight to outlaw oral and anal sex.

Conservative pundits in Virginia had their feathers ruffled this weekend by a series of sexually suggestive campaign ads being posted on college campuses by the state's Democratic Party.

"Don't let Election Day go down without you," reads one of the posters, in all caps. "Ken Cuccinelli wants to make oral sex a felony. You can stop him."

The Democratic Party of Virginia distributed the textual posters at Norfolk State University and several other college campuses Friday, drawing local media attention and a fair amount of critique.

The posters take aim at Cuccinelli's dogged campaign to keep Virginia's sodomy ban on the books, despite a 2003 ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court that found all such laws unconstitutional. The nation's highest court refused to hear Cuccinelli's argument that outlawing consensual anal or oral sex between adults protected children, dismissing Cuccinelli's appeal earlier this month.

The posters were stamped with a notice that they were "Paid for by Education Votes, a project of the Democratic Party of Virginia," which is backing Cucinelli's opponent, Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

After several complaints about the posters -- which also carried messages reading "Get your head in the game" -- the state's Democratic Party announced it would remove some of the fliers from college campuses.

"While we feel Virginians deserve to know the truth about Ken Cuccinelli's extreme social agenda, we apologize to those who were offended," read a statement reported at BuzzFeed. "We're working to remove these posters from the campuses in question, and they will not be used again."

The state's Republicans fired back with an equally indignant statement, saying the tactic was "par for the court for the Democratic Party of Virginia."

"Not only does it repeat this thoroughly-debunked Terry McAuliffe falsehood, but it manages to do it in an even more crass and tasteless way than before," continued the Republican response. "The Democratic Party of Virginia should be ashamed. But they're probably not."

View a local news report on the fliers and their attendant controversy at WAVY.

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