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WATCH: Right-Winger Claims 'Homosexuals Already Have Full Marriage Equality'

WATCH: Right-Winger Claims 'Homosexuals Already Have Full Marriage Equality'


Brian Fischer contends that gay people marrying opposite-sex spouses counts as equal rights, and that Judeo-Christian opposition to equality will remain steadfast -- forever.

Brian Fischer believes that gay and lesbian people already have marriage equality nationwide.

Of course, in his mind, that's because gay people are free to marry an unmarried adult of the opposite sex, but the right-wing activist believes that's the way it should be -- because that's how God intended it.

Fischer, a noted anti-LGBT activist, conservative radio pundit, and director of issues analysis for the antigay American Family Association, caught up with political journalist David Pakman on the host's eponymous show today, recycling several of his nonsensical and faith-based objections to LGBT equality.

Arguing that national trends toward equality are "ultimately irrelevant," Fischer says he and his fellow antigay right-wing activists will keep fighting marriage equality to the bitter end.

"The question is not going to be what the result is by the end of this year or any other year," Fischer tells Pakman. "The question is whether that result is right, whether that result is in accordance with the laws of nature, and nature's God, and whether that result is good for America. If it's not good for America, and I don't believe it will be if that's the way it goes [toward national marriage equality] , then it's incumbent upon us to fight for natural marriage -- and we will do that."

Watch the full interview below, where Fischer contends that progressive website Right Wing Watch is "cyberstalking" him, but that it's ultimately helpful in his effort to spread his hateful messages, and where he argues that abortion is equivalent to a Holocaust.

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