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Your Weekly Update From The Resistance

Trump Portester

Resistance might mean something different to each of us. But for The Advocate, it does not mean toppling Donald Trump as our president. By reporting on the resistance to Trump's agenda, we're showing everyone they're not alone. Your fears are shared. And, there's no time to wait around and see what happens. Check out last week's Resistance news and subscribe to get emails from The Resistance using the form at the bottom of this article. 

So what’s happening in The Resistance this week?

DAY 5: Nationwide Protests Continue
(Trump sure wasn't happy about that. Check his Twitter account.)

• Michael Moore predicts Donald Trump won't last four years. Moore also predicted Trump would win, so he could be on to something. (The Huffington Post)

• In the great history of Washington million-person marches, thousands of women will march in Washington after Trump’s inauguration.  (Jezebel)

• Protesters take anti-Trump message to his doorstep and plan next steps. Activists might be ready to take organizing to the next level. (The New York Times)

• In a surprisingly large turnout, around 8,000 protesters gathered in Los Angeles for a peaceful anti-Trump march. (Los Angeles Times)

DAY 6: People Can Hardly Believe Trump Picked Steve Bannon
(And then lied to 60 Minutes about his position on marriage equality, all in the same day.)

• Trump is lying about marriage equality, writes our editorial director, Lucas Grindley. (The Advocate)

• How to fight back in Trump's America? You can do something in your everyday life. (Jezebel)

• All that Facebook rage is hitting the streets. (BuzzFeed News)

DAY 7: Protests Continue for a Sixth Consecutive Day
(And they're not "small," as Trump described them.)

• U.S. protests Trump for a sixth straight day. (The Advocate)

• The ACLU declares war on Trump. Check out the record number of donations, and the group is asking for more help. (The Atlantic)

•  When people tell you there's nothing to worry about, point to this FBI report on a surge in hate crimes across the nation fueled by Trump's bigotry. (The New York Times)

• The LAPD will not help Trump deport immigrants. This will be something to keep tabs on as sanctuary cities are confronted by the Trump adminstration. (Los Angeles Times)

DAY 8: City Mayors Stand Up to Trump on Immigration
(Trump has yet to respond to any public official.)

• Sen. Harry Reid: Trump should rescind his appointment of a "white supremacist." He's not shy about talking about Steve Bannon, of Breitbart fame. The same can't be said for Republicans. (The Advocate)

• A former congressional staffer explains how best to stand up against Trump via Congress. (Vox)

• Black Lives Matter issues a statement on Trump's election, saying it plans to keep fighting, the same as it had been. (Mic)

• Mayors of Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Philly declare they will remain sanctuary cities and fight Trump if he threatens their funding. Trump wants local cops reporting undocumented immigrants, doing the work of the federal government. (NPR)

DAY 9: Protesters Promise This Is "Just a Taste of Things to Come"
(While everyone continues to speculate on Trump's cabinet picks.)

• Here's an inspiring activist. Jennicet Gutiérrez is ready to challenge Trump despite the personal risk as a trans Latina woman. (The Advocate)

• Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor on Trump's election: "We can't afford to give up." (The Huffington Post)

• The boycott is spreading. NBA teams are boycotting Trump hotels. (New York

• Even countries are resisting. Mexico unveils plan to protect immigrants under a Trump presidency. (New York)

DAY 10: Protest Comes in Many Forms
(But does it come in the form of many congressional leaders?)

• “I expect mass peaceful protests with hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, around the Inauguration and in other moments,” says Anna Galland, executive director of  (The New Yorker)

• "Do not say mean things": Kids are writing to Trump, asking him to be a kind president. (The Washington Post)

• Award-winning poet Terrance Hayes gives a speech on race at the National Book Awards: "Joy is a form of resistance." (The Huffington Post)

DAY 11: Media's List of Potential Trump Appointees Is Long and Worrisome
(Can we not play the Trump appointment guessing game?)

• Trump's pick for attorney general, U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, got a zero on the Human Rights Campaign Congressional Scorecard. He even oppposed LGBT-inclusive hate-crimes legislation. And then there's that time he failed to be confirmed as a federal judge because of allegations of sympathy for the Ku Klux Klan. (The Advocate)

• If Hollywood is so anti-Trump, then it should destroy the glass closet as protest. (The Advocate)

• As a broader movement, Black Lives Matter braces for Trump's presidency. (BuzzFeed News)

A Date With Destiny
(A.K.A. where to find protests happening in your city.)
WASHINGTON, D.C.: Women's march on Washington.

It's OK to Laugh
(Don't let Trump take that away too.)

More POTUS and Biden memes here.

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