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Trump Trickster Roger Stone: 'I'm Trysexual, I've Tried Everything'


The onetime campaign adviser to Donald Trump weighs in on rumors regarding his sexuality.

Days before Donald Trump's "dirty trickster" Roger Stone testified to Congress regarding his alleged role in the hacking of emails related to the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Republican adviser and conspiracy theorist announced he's "trysexual."

Stone was approached by activist Jeff 4 Justice in Los Angeles September 16; Stone was planning to attend a cannabis convention in the city but was disinvited after an uproar ensued over his long history of racist and sexist comments. Jeff 4 Justice asked Stone about rumors regarding his bisexuality, specifically insinuations in the recent Netflix documentary Get Me Roger Stone.

"Why is that anyone's business?" Stone says, as Jeff 4 Justice reminds him that's he's a public figure -- one accused of colluding with Wikileaks to sink Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. "I'm a great believer, but here's the truth: I'm trysexual. I've tried everything." (See the video below.)

In his video, Jeff 4 Justice reiterates why it's important that Stone's sexuality is exposed.

"I think it's very relevant when you have people who in their own private lives are living sexually wild lives and yet they use their time, talent, and treasure to elevate people to power who utilize the religious right to go and do horrible things to other people," the activist says.

So what is a trysexual? Is it a kind of bisexuality?

"Stone's alleged sexual activity may or may not correspond with his sexual identity," bisexual activist Eliel Cruz tells The Advocate. "He may have experimented and found it wasn't for him or he may actively engage in sex with men while not claiming a bisexual identity. Whether or not Stone is bisexual, his ideology and policies are dangerous to large swaths of people -- including the LGBT community. That's far more important."

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