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15 Times Trump Was Guilty of Hillary’s Supposed Sins

15 Times Trump Was Guilty of Hillary’s Supposed Sins


If Clinton was "crooked" for using a private email server, what does that make Trump's team?

To simply label the Trump administration as a herd of hypocrites undersells a tremendous capacity to lie without shame. Throughout the campaign, Donald Trump and his surrogates freely leveled a variety of accusations at Hillary Clinton and her team, but often the three fingers pointing back at themselves told the real story. Here are 15 times Team Trump turned out to be doing the exact terrible things its members booed.X Lies About Hillary That Proved True for Trump1. Private Email Servers
Donald Trump repeatedly attacked Clinton's use of a private server to host email during her time as secretary of State, rhetorically assaulting her for the disappearance of "33,000" emails from the server. Truth is, many members of Trump's senior staff, including such high-profile figures as Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner, Sean Spicer, and Kellyanne Conway, continued to communicate on private email servers with the Republican National Committee well after taking on jobs in the White House, according to a report from Newsweek. Considering those were the same servers where 22 million Bush-era emails "disappeared," the hypocrisy stunk that much more.15 Lies About Hillary That Proved True for Trump2. Corrupt Foundation
The Trump campaign routinely attacked the Clinton Foundation as a corrupt institution that peddled influence instead of doing good in the world. Yet it was the Trump Foundation that had to correct its records and institute a new ban on "self-dealing" and that was under investigation by the New York attorney general during the campaign.X Lies About Hillary That Proved True for Trump3. Under FBI Investigation
The election ultimately swung Trump's way arguably because of an FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton regarding Anthony Weiner's emails. Trump memorably praised the bravery of the FBI for looking into the matter days before the election. Of course, the investigation found nothing. But you know what was under FBI surveillance during and after the election? Ties between Russia and the Trump campaign. Yeah, James Comey would only confirm that after the election (wouldn't want to interfere).15 Lies About Hillary That Proved True for Trump4. Draining the Swamp
During the second presidential debate, Trump specifically called out speeches Clinton gave to Goldman Sachs as evidence of her holding different positions with private donors and on the stump. He'd also savaged Ted Cruz during the Republican primary for the Texas senator's ties to Goldman Sachs. But the truth is Trump relies heavily on former Goldman Sachs employees within his own administration, with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, and White House strategist Steve Bannon all listing the financial power on their resumes.X Lies About Hillary That Proved True for Trump5. Attacking Accusers
One of the more personal attacks on Clinton from the Trump campaign was that the former first lady had "viciously attacked" women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual improprieties through the years. But as a line of women accused Donald Trump of inappropriately fondling and touching them, like when he said of adult actress Jessica Drake, "Oh, I'm sure she's never been grabbed before," his instinct was always to lash back. He similarly attacked the credibility and personal appearance of journalist Natasha Stoynoff ("Look at her, I don't think so") after she wrote about an incident at Mar-a-Lago.X Lies About Hillary That Proved True for Trump6. Conflicts of Interest
Yes, Trump repeatedly suggested Clinton would have financial conflicts on interest because of the work of the Clinton Foundation, even if she removed herself from the organization if she had been elected president. But Trump's own conflicts of interest offer him less reason for ire, even though they have had critics complaining he's in violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. The real estate giant has refused to divest from his business holdings, despite owning property in the U.S. and abroad that could create conflicts.X Lies About Hillary That Proved True for Trump7. "She's no friend of LGBT Americans"
Especially after the Pulse shooting, Trump painted himself as a better friend to LGBT Americans than Hillary Clinton. That was mostly based on his hard-line stance on allowing Muslim extremists (or really any Muslims) into the United States. "She's no friend of LGBT Americans," he told The New York Times. "No friend, believe me." But since taking office, Trump has rolled back LGBT protections implemented during the Obama administration. He's also appointed such anti-LGBT pols as Vice President Mike Pence, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson. Some friend.X Lies About Hillary That Proved True for Trump8. Draining the Swamp
Attacking Clinton as a longtime Washington insider, Trump turned "Drain the Swamp" into a campaign message. But how's the swamp smell these days? Media outlets note Washington insiders and campaign donors make the bulk of Trump's cabinet. A former Republican National Committee chair serves as his chief of staff. The wife of the Senate majority leader serves as Transportation secretary. A GOP donor got the job of Education secretary. The list goes on. X Lies About Hillary That Proved True for Trump9. Getting Soldiers Killed
It's doubtful many Republicans could point to Benghazi on a map even today, but a 2012 attack there that resulted in a U.S. ambassador and three servicemen getting killed remained an emotional reason to attack Clinton for years. Trump certainly piled on, bringing family of victims to speak at the Republican National Convention. So how's Trump handled missions overseas? Well an attack on Yemen hastily ordered in Trump's first days proved a disaster, despite his protestations otherwise. Families of the victims have called out Trump as fiercely as the Benghazi families assaulted Clinton.X Lies About Hillary That Proved True for Trump10. Low Energy
It's an attack he leveled at both Clinton and at Republican Jeb Bush last year. The pols were just too low-energy for the job of president. But have you ever freaked out at the prime minister of Australia at 5 p.m.? Administration officials told CNN the dust-up came because the president was feeling some "fatigue." It's tiring talking with allies, folks.X Lies About Hillary That Proved True for Trump11. Dealing With Russia
Sure, this has mostly been to deflect his own Kremlin connections, but Trump has almost routinely attacked Clinton's "Russia reset," repeated debunked stories of a uranium deal, and critiqued Bill Clinton for speeches in Russia. But of course, connections with Russia continue threatening to completely undo the Trump administration. Former campaign chair Paul Manafort will soon have to register as a foreign agent, the FBI continues looking at possible collusion on election interference, and Congress continues to investigate all connections between Trump and Moscow.12_trump-hypocrisy12. The Healthiest Ever!
No blow was too low when it came to attacking Clinton, and Trump put out attack ads that questioned her health by putting out montages of her coughing and of her stumbling away from the 9/11 memorial. Trump was the oldest president ever at the time he was sworn into office at age 70, but we know very little about his health sans an assessment from a personal physician that he's "overweight" but there's "nothing seriously wrong with him." He has yet to release a complete physical.13_trump-hypocrisy13. She's the Real Birther
After all, no prominent figure did more to spread the lie that Barack Obama wasn't born in the United States, going on national television shows like The View and Fox and Friends to question the first black president's legitimacy. Trump even once went to Twitter (it's still there) to suggest the death of a Hawaii health official was part of a cover-up. He funded a team of investigators to go to Hawaii, prolonging the controversy but digging up nothing. Most of America may never have learned the word "birther" without the help of Trump.15_trump-hypocrisy14. Wrong on Iraq
One spot Trump poked at Clinton from her left was in criticizing her vote in 2003 to authorize President Bush to go into Iraq. "HILLARY CLINTON IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE ON STAGE TO VOTE FOR IRAQ WAR," read a breathless Trump campaign press release before the presidential debates. True enough, but Trump indeed supported the war in 2003, infamously telling Howard Stern, when asked if he backed an invasion, "Yeah, I guess so." More important, he has now appointed James Woolsey, one of the neoconservatives who promoted that war, as his senior adviser on national security issues.16_trump-hypocrisy15. She's a Racist
Trump happily joined in with those who wanted to make an issue of Hillary Clinton calling gang leaders "superpredators" in 1996. "The Clintons are the real predators" he wrote on Instagram. So what's Trump's approach been to urban crime? He regular uses his own code word -- "Chicago" -- while threatening to send in the feds to clean up carnage in urban America. Of course, he also installed a white nationalist as chief strategist. And his appeals to racist voters led them to comfortably fly Confederate flags at his rallies last year.

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