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The Antigay Right Wing Rejoices Over Supreme Court Ruling Against Gay Couple

Antigay Right Rejoices Over Supreme Court Siding Against LGBT People

In the wake of the Supreme Court deciding that Colorado's Masterpiece Cakeshop had the right to discriminate against a gay couple who wanted a wedding cake, right-wingers are rejoicing. Their responses, which highlight how they feel the 7-2 ruling was a "win for religious freedom," also have layers of thinly veiled homophobia.

When you read some of the tweets celebrating the ruling, it's increasingly hard to draw the line between their interest in religious rights and their interest in dehumanizing LGBT people. Apparently, discriminating against antigay Christians is wrong, but denying queer people services is acceptable in their eyes.

Others lacked the basic understanding that "narrow ruling" refers to the logic behind the decision itself, not how many people voted for it.


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