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Donald Trump Supporter Ali Alexander Accused of Grooming Teenage Boys

Donald Trump Supporter Ali Alexander Accused of Grooming Teenage Boys

Ali Alexander and Stop the Steal signs

The right wing claims to worry about liberals grooming kids, but it’s actually a far right extremist who’s been asking kids for sexually explicit photos.

A prominent member of Donald Trump’s MAGA ecosystem apologized for asking teenage boys and young men for sexually explicit images. Essentially, a right-wing extremist has admitted to grooming minors for sexual purposes.

Ali Alexander sexual behavior has been the subject of rumors among conservatives since 2015, according to reporting by The Daily Beast. A simmering tension erupted last month after Alexander and anti-Semitic white supremacist Nick Fuentes expelled Milo Yiannopoulos from a Kanye West project.

“Alexander wants to come to your events to have sex with underage boys,” Yiannopoulos texted Fuentes in 2022. “Snap out of it. “

Yiannopoulos claims Alexander sexually propositioned both adult men and adolescents. However, it was Yanniopoulos’ comments on pedophilia in 2017 that ended his career as a far-right pundit. More damaging videos are coming, Yiannopoulos has promised.

Alexander used Yiannopoulos's name to draw in the boys and a screenshot indicates that Alexander offered to introduce a teenager to Yiannopoulos, according to the Beast. It's because of Alexander using him that he's coming forward with these details, the disgraced far-right activist said.

"This is too gay," Alexander said in a state in a statement Friday night. “I apologize for any inappropriate messages sent over the years.”

He added, “When I’ve flirted or others have flirted with me, I’ve flexed my credentials or dropped corny pick up lines. Other times, I’ve been careless and should’ve qualified those coming up to me’s (sic) identities during flirtatious banter at the start.”

Additionally, he claimed he was the victim of wrongful accusations and doctored images but refused to specify which accusers or screenshots were fake.

The MAGA insider has previously said he was bi but that he was now "battling with same-sex attraction," according to the Beast.

One accuser, Aidan Duncan, said in a March podcast that Alexander asked him for nude pictures in 2017 when Duncan was 15. The then-32-year-old Alexander had served in politics for over ten years at the time. He told Duncan that as long as he was silent about their interactions, he'd introduce the teen to his far-right network.

“You’ll have [me] sharing my entire network with you,” Alexander told Duncan, based on screenshots reviewed by The Daily Beast.

According to those screenshots, Alexander offered Duncan Yiannopoulos in order to keep in touch. Alexander suggested the teenager entertain Yiannopoulos in an exchange on September 4, 2017, suggesting the boy be Alexander's “arm candy.”

The Beast reports, "Other screenshots show Duncan sending Alexander a picture, which was redacted in the version of the screenshot reviewed by The Daily Beast. Alexander responded with the 'face with heart eyes' emoji and asking the teenager which app Alexander should use to send him money."

The outlet goes into detail about Alexander's repeated rules for the two staying in contact. At one point Alexander wrote that Duncan could say no but that Alexander would "deprive" Duncan of something. “Allowed to say no. However, the less you deprive me of, the less I deprive you of. I’m a big sharing person unless it’s not even,” the message read.

During a podcast appearance with white supremacist Richard Spencer, Duncan asserted that Alexander insisted he becomes his intern. He also wanted him to get his parents to believe that he was at a swim meet.

Alexander complained in May 2019 that Duncan wasn’t providing him with materials containing sexually explicit content. “You don’t even send me videos anymore,” wrote Alexander, according to the screenshots seen by the Beast. “No good jack off material. Don’t even wanna be my side piece.”

In the years since, Duncan has gained fame as Smiley, a member for Fuentes’ racist “America First” movement.

A second teen was also interviewed by the Beast.

During the summer of 2019, Alexander began messaging Lance Johnston, who was then 17 years old. Over 100,000 people followed him on right-wing TikTok. Throughout their conversation, Johnston and Alexander began to discuss politics. A friend told Johnston about Alexander's history of asking for private photos.

Alexander approached the teenager about sex, Johnston told the Beast. Alexander used the eggplant emoji to request a photo of the teenager’s penis on the night of Trump's "Social Media Summit" where Trump cited Alexander as an example of conservatives being silenced on social media.

“Show me ur [eggplant emoji],” Alexander wrote in one message, according to a screenshot.

“What’s that?” Johnston replied back.

Alexander responded, “Omg dick.”

According to Johnston, he took a screenshot of the exchange, rejected Alexander, and promptly blocked him. However, for fear of repercussions from others on the right, Johnston didn’t bring the issue up publicly.

The screenshot eventually made right-wing circles, which led to Alexander taking to a video to defend his actions. Johnston told the outlet that Fuentes event contacted him about sending a text to Alexander and say that the image was actually doctored. He also said Fuentes had offered him a job in exchange for doing so.

Johnston maintains the images are real.

Fuentes has denied he tried to get Johnston to recant.

“[Duncan] and Lance were willing to go along flirting with Ali (to varying degrees) without any protest because they thought it would advance their political careers,” Fuentes wrote on Telegram over the weekend. “If you are flirting with adult gay men because you think it’s going to land you a job, you know full well what you’re doing and it’s gross. Sorry but even at 15, I would have never sent nudes to an adult gay man. There’s something wrong there.”

Several far-right figures have dissociated themselves in response to the accusations.

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