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College made easy

College made easy

If you’re
a young queer student sorting through college choices,
don’t you want most to hear from the LGBT
youths who already attend your future alma mater?
Hundreds of students speak out about their campuses in
The Advocate College Guide for LGBT
now in bookstores’ college
sections nationwide. This intensely researched and
fact-packed book, written by queer college expert
Shane Windmeyer (and endorsed by this magazine),
selects the 100 best schools for LGBT students, shares
advice from youths who attend them, and even picks a
surprising top 20 list including colleges in North
Carolina, Ohio, and Indiana.

didn’t want to simply highlight the schools in
progressive states,” Windmeyer says. “We
highlight colleges that are progressive in their area
of the country. If you’re in Nebraska, you
don’t have to go to California to find a school
that takes responsibility for its LGBT students.”

A wealth of
information is included for each of the 100
schools—resources, social-scene tips,
factoids—plus a definitive checklist of 20 LGBT
services, curricula, groups, and policies each school
does (or does not) have. “We talk a lot about
corporations leading the way [in equality],”
says the author, “but it’s at colleges where
young people learn to lead. The hope for the future is

Best of the Best: Top 20 Campuses from The Advocate
College Guide for LGBT Students

(in alphabetical order)

University Duke University Indiana
University New York University Oberlin
College Ohio State University
Pennsylvania State University Princeton
University Stanford University Tufts
University University of California,
Berkeley University of California, Los
Angeles University of California, Santa Cruz
University of Massachusetts, Amherst University
of Michigan University of Minnesota, Twin
Cities University of Oregon University
of Pennsylvania University of Puget Sound
University of Southern California

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