Writer Sacked After Supporting Marriage Equality in Conservative Mag

Writer Sacked After Supporting Marriage Equality in Conservative Mag

Writer D.G. Myers was fired after writing an article titled "The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage" in the Republican-leaning Commentary magazine, but his editor says it was not because of the content of the piece.

Myers wrote the article after last week's election and argued that conservative principles support the idea of same-sex marriage. After the piece went up, Myers was informed he was fired via email by his editor, John Podhoretz. Even though Commentary has previously published articles against marriage equality, Podhoretz says it was not the article's content that got Myers terminated. Podhoretz claims that Myers, who operates as a freelance journalist, typically writes a literary blog for Commentary and was not authorized to publish political pieces.

Myers is not certain his former editor is telling the truth.

“Whether I was fired for the substance of what I wrote or for violating the magazine’s procedures is unclear even to me, especially since my followup emails have gone unanswered,” Myers wrote on his personal blog. “Since I do not have the right to quote the message in which Mr. Podhoretz terminated me — he never called — I can only summarize his objections. If I understand him correctly, he considered my defense of gay marriage to be political, and thus inappropriate for a literary blog, and he could not understand why I did not seek prior approval for it.”

Complicating matters is the fact that Podhoretz claims he supports marriage equality and is happy Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington voters all supported the cause at the ballot box. Read more here.

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