WATCH: Co-Workers Help Gay Google Employee Propose to Boyfriend

WATCH: Co-Workers Help Gay Google Employee Propose to Boyfriend

When Michael sat down for lunch with his boyfriend Shaun Aukland last week, he had no idea he was about to get the surprise of a lifetimebecause Aukland had not only planned to propose to Michael, but he’d also gotten the entire Google London office to help him pop the question.

According to Huffington Post, both men have been in a long-distance relationship with one another for over two years with Aukland living in San Francisco and Michael in London.  However, when Aukland recently traveled to London on business and found himself working out of the Google London office, he suggested Michael join him for lunch in the company’s breakroom. Shortly after Michael sat down for lunch, a group of co-workers began singing “Marry You” by Bruno Mars and within moments the entire lunchroom was clapping and singing along. Then Aukland got down on bended knee and popped the question.

"Three years ago I sent you a note when we met that said, 'You're neat and I like you. Will you come to San Francisco?'" Aukland said. "And with an eye on what we've been through and the many things we will go through, today, with the help of every person that knew this was going to happen and some pretty awesome colleagues, I want to say you're amazing and I love you. Will you come to San Francisco and marry me?"

Aukland revealed on YouTube that Michael said “yes!” and that he hopes the upcoming decisions by the Supreme Court will allow him the opportunity to sponsor Michael for U.S. citizenship so that his future husband will soon be able to join him in America. 

Watch the entire marriage proposal in the video below.

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