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Gawker Wants to Know: Is This Ad For Real?

Gawker, the Daily Mail and a number of LGBT blogs are wondering whether a leaked Taco Bell commercial featuring a gay couple is real or an "Internet fake."

The ad seems to have first appeared more than a week ago on Reddit after being uploaded to YouTube on December 17. It had fewer than 1,000 plays as of Friday morning.

"Any clue what’s going on?" Gawker asked, noting the ad looks professional but "a look through the TVEyes tracking service suggests it hasn’t yet aired in the United States." 

UPDATE: In a statement late Friday, Gawker reports that Taco Bell confirmed it hadn't created the commerical, and the fast food chain would also like to who did. "We are impressed with their work and would be open to meeting with them."

See photos from the couple's Taco Bell-inspired day trip and then watch the video below.

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