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For this episode, Dana discusses Jeff Sessions's new "Religious Freedom" guidance, Trump's bad joke about hanging gays, and keeps it light with comedian and author of "Everything is Awful: And Other Observations," Matt Bellassai.

October 19 2017 3:14 PM

Many in the extreme right media seem to think sexual harassment and assault were rare before the 1960s.

October 19 2017 2:28 PM

Many Puerto Ricans are still forced to wait in long lines just to get water and electricity remains a rarity.

October 19 2017 1:53 PM

A gay Republican group says the deal could be renegotiated to include human rights protections, but others say this is unlikely.

October 18 2017 6:03 PM

The publication says over 60 people can confirm Trump's comments.

October 18 2017 1:42 PM

A commentary in USA Today claimed most gay bars are sweaty sex dens where nonconsensual groping is rampant, akin to Harvey Weinstein's hotel room. Which bars does this op-ed writer frequent? 

October 18 2017 5:07 AM

Want to know more about why Roy Moore is horrible for the Senate and LGBT people? Matt Baume explains.

October 17 2017 6:54 PM