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WATCH: General Mills Wishes You A Lucky, Charmed Pride

WATCH: General Mills Wishes You A Lucky, Charmed Pride

With a new video unveiled by General Mills today, the world finally has confirmation about which cereal is the gayest — it's Lucky Charms. 

General Mills elected to use the iconic, "magical," and brightly colored breakfast treat to be its official spokes-cereal for the company's second consecutive participation in LGBT Pride Month, promoting the Twitter hashtag #LuckyToBe, and asking cereal lovers to share what makes them feel lucky. 

The company announced the new campaign with an appropriately bright, inclusive promotional video celebrating the "colorful world" in which we live.

"We don't all look the same, believe the same things, or love the same people," reads text in the video, "And that's a good thing. It makes our world more interesting. Special. Beautiful. Magical. Share how you make the colorful with #LuckyToBe." 

The Minnesota-based company has long been a friend to the LGBT community, earning a perfect 100 score on the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index for five years in a row. When Minnesota voters were considering amending their state's constitution to outlaw same-sex marriage, General Mills came out against the proposed amendment, and stayed strong in the face of antigay protesters who called for a boycott. The company has also gone on record supporting the long-languishing federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act, notes HRC

LGBT media watchdog GLAAD also celebrated General Mills' #LuckyToBe campaign, with communications and programs vice president Rich Ferraro issuing a statement applauding the move. 

"Lucky Charms has always been known as a family brand and it's only natural that they have chosen to celebrate families," Ferraro told the The New Civil Rights Movement. "This campaign is another sign that advertising is on its way out of the closet, with companies finding that it’s a smart business decision to stand with LGBT people and the majority of Americans who support our community."

Start feeling lucky for pride season with the video below.


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