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Gay Men, Straight Women: Their Connection Explained

Gay Men, Straight Women: Their Connection Explained

Straight women and gay men make natural friends, according to researchers at Texas Christian University.

A recent study of 88 heterosexual women and 58 gay males found that straight women and gay men often trust each other because they view the other as good dispensers of advice free of agenda. The researchers say straight women and gay men are not likely to be attracted to each other and rarely view each other as competition for mates, which leads to a trustworthy relationship.

"I thought it interesting that this is very much a mutual exchange," lead study author Eric Russell said in a statement. "Women who are suffering from relationship tension could potentially get advice from their gay male friend that isn't tainted with ulterior or competitive motives. Gay men might be similar in seeing straight women as unbiased sources. It's an interesting dynamic because they share this relationship in absence of mating competition. That's very unique in relationships."

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