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9 NFL Players Who Make Allies Look Good

9 NFL Players Who Make Allies Look Good


The Super Bowl is about to cap yet another season without an openly gay player. But a ton of rookies and young players are welcoming of gay teammates and fans. Here are a few friendly faces.


Aaron Dobson, New England Patriots rookie wide receiver, says he'd be completely cool with having a gay teammate. "It's not affecting me," he said to Outsports. "I'm not like that, but I'm not going to judge him any different."

This guy looks like a prince, though, right? Like he's Eddie Murphy in Coming to America and will reveal that he's actually a prince who has been living undercover in the USA.


Indianapolis Colts tight end Coby Fleener says he is probably more comfortable than others with having a gay player on the team. "Especially at Stanford and in the Bay Area, it's something you deal with on a regular basis, more so than anywhere else in the United States," he said. "So I'm very comfortable with it, whereas in other areas it might not be the norm." With that, the great thing about Fleener is that he looks like a bro, but the guy's got a brain. Nothing wrong with that.


Miami Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan says it wouldn't matter whether any of his teammates are gay, because he has "a certain amount of respect and trust for everybody I line up there with." In general, the guy's a sharp dresser. Any NFL player who can do a bow tie is all right with us.


Tarell Brown of the San Francisco 49ers has played for the City by the Bay for seven seasons, and he knows his fan base. Brown once said he doesn't think gay players or fans should feel the need to hide. "To each his own," the cornerback said. "I just feel like, you shouldn't hide it. At the end of the day, don't be embarrassed with what you are or what you do." Also, tattoos and glasses. Enough. Said.


Buffalo Bills rookie Robert Woods, a wide receiver, asked why Jason Collins's coming-out became so significant. "Everybody has their own sexuality. Why's it such a big deal about his story? It is what it is." And that Facebook selfie? He knows what he's doing.


Jordan Rodgers, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' quarterback, may look a little familiar to you Aaron Rodgers devotees. His little brother Jordan just finished his rookie season. Before that, he said that if he had a gay teammate, he'd be happy to work with him. "Whether you're gay or straight, you're one of my boys," he said. The appeal? Look at him! He probably doesn't even know he's hot. Really, what's more adorable than that?


Wide receiver Kenny Stills just finished his rookie season with the New Orleans Saints. When NBA player Jason Collins came out, Stills said he believed that people shouldn't dwell on other people's sexual orientation. "I just feel like, as an American society, so much attention is given to [sexual orientation], and it shouldn't be. OK, he's gay, he likes what he likes. I'm straight, I like what I like. We just keep on moving on." As far as looks, well, the guy does pretty adventurous things with his hair, like a mohawk in the Saints' colors. On most people it would look stupid, but on Stills, it looks oh so right.


George Wilson, a safety and the Tennessee Titans' former team captain (for five consecutive seasons), knows all about leadership. He said that he doesn't care about who on his team is gay; as long as "you can stay productive and get the job done, you're still gonna remain one of the guys." A suggestion for Wilson fans? Follow the guy on Instagram -- you won't be sorry.


Eric Decker of the Denver Broncos will be playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks. You may have seen this wide receiver's photos in GQ, where he appeared with his country singer wife, Jessie James. He's not really a serious ally, nor has he said anything incredibly supportive of LGBT rights or players, but he was pretty cool with Outsports naming him the world's hottest athlete.

h/t to Outsports for its comprehensive list of gay-supportive NFL players.

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