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Namibia overturns anti-sodomy laws

The Court found the laws unfairly targeted gay men.

This Juneteenth and Pride Month, let's reflect on the intertwined struggles for freedom and equality

A reflection on the vibrant energy of June with Juneteenth and Pride Month, honoring the struggles and resilience of marginalized communities. How can we continue to fight for freedom and equality, standing in solidarity with all who seek to live authentically and without fear?

A celebration of courage: honoring the global activists who fight for LGBTQ+ rights

Outright International's Maria Sjödin on honoring the brave activists worldwide who fight for LGBTQ+ rights during and beyond Pride Month. How can we support these courageous heroes in their quest for equality?

Celebrating pride and resilience in The Deep South

In the face of new legislative challenges, the LGBTQ+ community of Birmingham, Alabama, celebrates the 46th anniversary of Pride with reinforced solidarity and unwavering commitment to equality, unity, and love.

Celebrating Pride Month and democracy with the Human Rights Campaign’s leader, Kelley Robinson (exclusive)

The history-making president opens up about her role in an exclusive interview with The Advocate.

Decriminalizing same-sex relations is an imperative for universal human rights

The historic decriminalization of same-sex conduct in Dominica joins a growing global trend, disproving the notion that such measures are "Western imposed" and affirming that the decriminalization of same-sex intimacy is a universal human rights imperative, writes Human Rights Watch's Cristian González Cabrera.

Barack Obama made history by publicly supporting same-sex marriages 12 years ago today

In the years since, the LGBTQ+ community has seen tremendous strides in the push toward equality, but much work remains to protect the rights of marginalized people.

Gay travelers are standing up for equality by attending Pensacola Pride's 30th anniversary

Florida's elected officials won't keep these partygoers from saying gay.

Creating a safe and affirming space for transgender youth

In the face of rising anti-trans legislation and cultural challenges, the resilience and joy of trans youth underscore the urgent need for affirming spaces and supportive communities.

LGBTQ+ celebrities speak up and show out at Elton John's annual Oscars party (exclusive)

Every color of the rainbow represented the community and showed fervent Pride.

Why the 2024 elections will be a turning point for LGBTQ+ rights all over the world

LGBTQ+ people will witness elections that will determine their future in the United States, Russia, South Africa and beyond.

California judge blocks rule requiring police to disclose their gender identity

In response to a lawsuit, a Sacramento County judge temporarily stoped enforcement of a rule requiring law enforcement officers to report their gender identity.

24 New Year’s Resolutions for 2024 to Support Your LGBTQ+ Loved Ones & Friends

Here's some recommendations on supporting your queer community as we head into 2024. What's your resolution for supporting LGBTQ+ lives?

URDUMB URDUMB: Drag Queen Confronts Anti-LGBTQ+ Rhetoric with Kylie Minogue Parody

Check out Morgan McMichaels’ satirical take on hate and resilience.

Pete Buttigieg Slams SCOTUS 303 Creative Ruling: A 'Solution Looking for a Problem'

The Transportation Secretary discussed the case on CNN's "State of the Union."

Marsha P. Johnson Institute Celebrates Black Trans Lives

The Marsha P. Johnson Institute is dedicated to uplifting Black trans voices.