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transgender woman

Trans Woman Inmate Reaches Landmark Settlement with Minnesota Prison System

The settlement guarantees appropriate housing and treatment for all trans inmates in the state.

Florida Security Guard Allegedly Raped Trans Woman at the Bar Where He Worked

Luigi Andre Cavani, 25, was arrested and charged with sexual battery for the alleged assault.

Ohio Transgender Woman Not Guilty for Using Women’s Locker Room

Rachel Glines, 31, was found not guilty of three misdemeanor counts of public indecency.

Trans Marathoner Places 6,159th in Women's Category, Right-Wing Media Throws a Fit

Glenique Frank is being blasted for her participation in the London Marathon, even though she didn't come close to winning.

California Transgender Woman Beaten in Men’s Jail Wins Settlement

The victim, who suffered a broken jaw requiring multiple surgeries, was housed in a men’s jail in apparent violation of county policy.

Joyland's Triumph Over Censorship and Anti-Trans Protests

Joyland, written and directed by Saim Sadiq, is the story of a tragic love triangle between a married couple and a transgender woman