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The #DumpTrump Movement Against SNL Is Now a Gay Issue

The #DumpTrump Movement Against SNL Is Now a Gay Issue


Some are asking whether a homophobic candidate, as opposed to an allegedly racist one, would get to host Saturday Night Live.

With presidential candidate Donald Trump gearing up to host Saturday Night Live November 7, a chorus of people are telling NBC his appearance needs to be scrapped.

Most Latinos, including LGBT Latinos, are furious at Trump being given the honor of hosting the storied variety show. Prominent politicians and writers are also saying it's inappropriate to give a platform to someone who says Mexicans immigrants are "rapists" who bring crime across the border.

Illinois congressman Luis Gutierrez recently sent a letter to NBC asking that Trump be dumped. Then he posited on the House floor whether Trump is getting a pass because he insulted Latinos.

"If Donald Trump had said gays and lesbians were murdering and raping Americans, would he get to host the show?" he said, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Meanwhile, NPR television critic Eric Deggans criticizedSNL for featuring no Latino cast members (the show has employed two in its 40-year history) and questioned whether Trump would have been booked if the show had Hispanic stars.

"Because it's hard to imagine Michaels forcing star Kate McKinnon, who is gay, to perform alongside a guest host with a history of making bigoted statements about gay people," Deggans wrote. "Or pushing black cast members like Kenan Thompson to yuk it up alongside a celebrity guest who had expressed bigotry about African-Americans."

NBC has not responded to the criticism, but it's likely the network sees Trump's SNL episode as a ratings bonanza; a September appearance by the candidate on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon was a big hit for NBC.

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