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Trans Woman Robbery Suspect Called 'Man' by Local News

Trans Woman Robbery Suspect Called 'Man' by Local News

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Tulsa's KOTV refuses to use female pronouns to describe a suspected teen criminal.

Marcus Roland and Kaleb Sanders are wanted by police for a rash of robberies in Oklahoma and Kansas. Roland, 18, identifies as a woman -- at least part of the time, according to reports -- while it's not clear how Sanders identifies. Regardless, a Tulsa TV station called both teens "men" -- though Sanders is a minor -- and used "him" to describe both suspects.

Roland and Sanders first came to the police's attention when they received a call that the pair were fighting. Caught driving in Muskogee, Okla., Roland argued with police officers and refused to get out of her car -- which contained Sanders and two young children -- before eventually driving off and then evading police in a high-speed chase. After that, police say, Roland and Sanders attempted to rob a Dollar General in Wichita, Kan., where two store employees were injured. Then, according to authorities, Roland and Sanders successfully robbed a Dollar General and a convenience store in the Oklahoma City area; workers were tied up by the two before they fled. Roland and Sanders have used guns, meat cleavers, and knifes in their robberies, police say.

In reporting on Roland and Sanders, Tulsa's KOTV referred to both teens as "men" and used male pronouns for both of the suspects.

"Both men now face charges in Muskogee and there are active warrants out for their arrest," reporter Lori Fulbright said. "Police say the number 1 thing you need to know about these two men if you see them; don't approach them, don't talk to them, just call 911." - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - |

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