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WATCH: Pat Robertson Goes Nuclear in New Transphobic Rant 

Pat Robertson

Advancing the rights of transgender people, according to far-right televangelist Pat Robertson, is somehow taking the nation's attention away from the threat of nuclear war — and he claims the acceptance of trans people has come about because women are serving in combat and are no longer considered “the weaker sex.”

On his 700 Club broadcast Tuesday, the noted homophobe and transphobe voiced concerns (likely overstated) about Iran developing nuclear weapons, then said, “We are facing thermonuclear annihilation and what are we debating in America? What are we debating? Where a little kid goes to the potty. I mean, this is nuts, absolutely nuts. It is crazy.”

“For the United States of America to put the power of the federal government and all of its money and resources behind this transgender movement, it is just nothing short of insanity,” he continued, apparently referring to Department of Education and Department of Justice rulings that existing law against sex discrimination covers discrimination based on gender identity. “This is liberalism run amok,” he said.

He went on to tie acceptance of transgender people to the fact that women in the military are taking on combat roles, saying women in general are no longer “honored” and “protected,” and that “marital purity” no longer exists. It’s all culminating in the breakdown of society, he contended. Watch below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch.

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