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WATCH: Seven Egyptians Arrested After First Same-Sex Wedding

WATCH: Seven Egyptians Arrested After First Same-Sex Wedding

Seven men have been arrested in Egypt for their alleged participation in a viral video that purports to capture the country's first same-sex wedding, according to Al Jazeera.

After the video went viral, Egyptian police launched a manhunt seeking a total of 16 wedding participants, Al Jazeera reports. Nine of the men have reportedly been identified, but it is unclear at this time whether the newlywed couple was among those arrested.

The seven arrested are accused of "incitement to debauchery" and "publishing indecent images." For now, the suspects will be remanded in custody for as many as four days, reports Al Jazeera.  

The men could also face charges of "undermining public morality," according to CNN. The accused are also likely to be subjected to physical "medical" examinations because they are presumably gay. Police-mandated medical examinations based on sexual orientation often include forced rectal examinations, and have been condemned by the United Nations and human rights groups as demeaning and unneccessary.

The video was apparently filmed and uploaded in April, but it only went viral last month. Watch as the Egyptian couple exchanges wedding vows below.

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