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Britney Spears, Sterling K. Brown and Others Go Purple for Spirit Day

These Celebrities Have No Time for People Who Bully LGBTQ Kids

Notables with huge social media followings are going purple to advocate against bullying of LGBTQ youth.

Facing isolation at home, school, or places of faith, many LGBTQ children feel alone and silenced. Once a year, we collectively wear purple for Spirit Day to take a stance against the bullying that disproportionately affects queer youth.

While National Coming Out Day gives LGBTQ people the chance to open up about their identities as a community, this event is a chance for companies, global leaders, respected celebrities, neighbors, parents, classmates, and friends to come out as reliable allies.

In celebration of Spirit Day, here is the army of celebrities publically announcing they've got queer kids' backs.

[instagram expand=1 site_id=25879312 embed_desktop_width=540 embed_desktop_height=765 embed_mobile_width=375 embed_mobile_height=661]

From actors like Sterling K. Brown (This Is Us), Tatiana Mansley (Orphan Black), and Paul Adelstein (Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce)...

[instagram expand=1 site_id=25879312 embed_desktop_width=540 embed_desktop_height=659 embed_mobile_width=375 embed_mobile_height=527]

[instagram expand=1 site_id=25879312 embed_desktop_width=540 embed_desktop_height=988 embed_mobile_width=375 embed_mobile_height=781]

[instagram expand=1 site_id=25879312 embed_desktop_width=540 embed_desktop_height=871 embed_mobile_width=375 embed_mobile_height=724]

To talk show royalty Ryan Seacrest, Kelly Ripa, Mario Lopez, and the hosts of Good Morning America, and The View...

[instagram expand=1 site_id=25879312 embed_desktop_width=540 embed_desktop_height=853 embed_mobile_width=375 embed_mobile_height=688]

To young advocates Yara Shaidi, Lauren Jauregui, and The Bold Type cast...

[instagram expand=1 site_id=25879312 embed_desktop_width=540 embed_desktop_height=853 embed_mobile_width=375 embed_mobile_height=688]

To straight-up legends like Barbra Streisand, Ellen DeGeneres, Britney Spears, and Mariah Carey!

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